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Hi, our names are Alan and Eileen and we are the proud owners of The Beach Pad!  We like to live our lives by the motto “Choose Happiness” and as a result, we bought the original Surf House, previously known as Casa Flores in 2015 as it had been a long-time dream of ours to own a vacation rental property. Alan’s grandmother and mom were originally from Rincón and it was wonderful to be able to find a home in the area and be able to renovate it throughout the years.  


After Hurricane Maria in 2017, we witnessed the incredible resilience and strength of the local community of Rincón as well as the dedication of tourists that were willing to come even before water or electricity were restored just to contribute to the efforts of rebuilding Puerto Rico. After seeing that, we decided to double down on our investment and add 4 studio lofts while still holding true to the original 1950’s architectural integrity.  We are proud to have worked with a best in class local architect, engineer, artist, electrician, plumber and more to bring our vision to life.  Part of our goal was to build as sustainably as possible and we invested in low VOC paints, low-flow faucets, toilets and showers as well as solar panels to power the entire property.  


We successfully reopened The Beach Pad in December of 2018 and are so thrilled to be receiving top notch reviews from our guests.  To see some of them please click here.

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